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Broccoli Potato Cakes

Broccoli Potato Cakes

These broccoli potato cakes were a very happy accident. As you all probably know by now, I absolutely hate waste and will always try to use up bits in the fridge. Logan ate these so quickly, I had no chance to take a picture of the finished cakes.

I had some left over mashed potatoes and broccoli, so decided to make these little tasty bites. The amounts below are very rough estimates as it was a, let me just add this and this recipe. I don’t think you can go too wrong though, so feel free to add more or less of anything.

These are perfect as snacks, sides or as a main with some extra veg/salad. Suitable for the whole family.


4 medium/large potatoes. Washed, skins left on and boiled until soft.

1 medium broccoli, broken into florets and steamed/boiled until soft

2 large handfuls of grated cheese. I used cheddar.

2 spring onions, washed and roughly chopped

1 medium egg

Milk for mashing potatoes

Large handful of plain flour

Oil for frying


If using just cooked potatoes and broccoli, mash together with the milk and leave to cool. Just cool enough so you can touch them.

Add all ingredients (reserve some flour) to a large bowl. Mix well.

Take a small handful of the potato mix, form into a ball and then squish into a burger patty shape. sprinkle with flour and place on a plate. Do this until it’s all been used.

Pop in the fridge and leave to set for at least an hour.

In a large frying pan, heat some oil over a medium heat. Gently fry the cakes for 5-7mins each side or until golden brown.

Allow to cool slightly and serve. Eat. Enjoy.

 I hope you like these broccoli potato cakes. If you do, why not check out my other recipes and please let me know if you make any!


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