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Our Story

We're a Mum and Dad team on a mission to rid the world of unidentifiable baby and toddler food. What our children eat during weaning influences their eating choices for years beyond. We want to help parents create lifelong healthy eating habits one tasty meal at a time.
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Food is my thing. I love everything about it, the look, smell and taste (especially the taste). Feeding people is another favourite thing of mine to do. When Logan was born I researched weaning tirelessly and spent hours batch cooking meals. Friends and family constantly told me that I should sell my food. Logan and now Kaia eat so well and love a variety of foods. Eventually if you hear something enough you begin to believe it, So here we are….Logan's Plate is born!
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Whenever I had to watch the kids all day, what to feed them was a worry. I wanted to make sure they ate healthily, but making the time and getting the inspiration was hard for me. I'm just glad Tijani always had the freezer stocked with pre-made meals or it would be plain boiled veg and chicken nuggets for every meal. When I saw the kids reactions and tried the food for myself I was all-in and wanted to help make it happen.