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“I am sure like a lot of mums, despite good intentions, I fell into the habit of buying pre made baby food from the supermarkets. They were quick, involved little preparation and were easy to use on the go, especially for a first time mum experiencing weaning for the first time. I didn’t end up spending an hour making 20 portions of something Thomas then wouldn’t eat. I told myself all that and I still felt constantly guilty. The food I was serving my little boy didn’t smell right, it didn’t taste of anything and who knows when it was packaged! Then I was recommended Logan’s plate. It was easy to order online and was delivered to my door. I know exactly what ingredients are in each portion and they smell delicious! The food I’m feeding my little boy finally tastes of what it should, but I still have the convenience I had before! Thomas is getting to eat a variety of meals each week and we haven’t had a meal where he hasn’t cleaned the bowl!”
Laura, Romford
“Absolutely loved his lamb curry tonight. Has got on board with rice and polished the lot off and wanted more!!”
Hayley, Romford
"Ronnie recently turned into a fussy eater. I struggled to get him to eat anything new and he flat out refused to eat meat. It was getting tiresome trying new recipes that he wouldn’t eat. Logan’s Plate is a godsend, not only does he LOVE all the meals, but it meant I didn’t have to spend hours cooking."
Emma, Chelmsford
"I always struggle to find time to make healthy, nutritious meals that Leo would actually eat!
Leo is a complete veg dodger, but he absolutely loved the Logan's plate veggie pasta and the lamb curry. I didn't hear a peep out of him while he devoured it. For once there was no bribery involved to get him to eat his vegetables!!!!""
Claire, Romford