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Tijani Co-Founder on sofa

A little about us, well me Tijani actually

Hi there!

I’m Tijani one half of the team behind Logan’s Plate. Up until I had my second bubba I worked in the mobile digital world. Apps, games, mobile payments, the company I worked for did it all. I really enjoyed it, but the long hours and travelling didn’t really allow for a healthy work/life balance. 

If I am totally honest I did not enjoy being pregnant. Sickness, pelvic pain, fatigue, colds, sinus infections and more plagued both pregnancies from start to finish. My bump grew at a phenomenal rate, I was massive and hated having my picture taken. There’s probably only two pictures of me pregnant. Maybe one day I’ll share them, but not today.

No matter how awful I felt or how much I just wanted to curl up in bed and eat a dozen donuts (I’m a huge fan of Dum Dum Donuts). I knew I had a responsibility to eat well for my baby. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still ate donuts, just not 12 at a time.

I LOVE food, entertaining and laughing. Cooking has always been a hobby of mine and people say I’m quite good at it. Weaning was not a part of parenting that worried me. I was excited to raise little foodies. Setting good examples and healthy habits from the start is key to a child’s future (no pressure then). In my head I was going to cook fresh wholesome meals every day, but in reality I was lucky to get out of my PJs. 

As busy parents there is definitely days when you need to reach for the convenient option. My husband and I were shocked by the quality of the prepared baby & toddler food. We knew that we were not the only ones concerned about the lack of fresh, unprocessed supermarket stocked meals for little tums.

So here we are. Logan’s Plate was born and a year later I’ve finally launched our blog. I hope you enjoy reading.

Have a delicious day x



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